Saturday, July 25, 2009

Which SHOES do you prefer and why?

soccer shoes

bowling shoes

skater shoes

running shoes

tennis shoes


(sneakers only please)

Which SHOES do you prefer and why?
adidas samba classics.

all they way. because they're comfy and they've been around for 58 years. they're classics!
Reply:running shoes


Reply:i like my fuzzy boots
Reply:skater like, DC, and Vans

theyre comfy:)
Reply:soccer shoes;Adidas Predators (david Beckham is hot=D)

bowling= none

skater shoes=nike

running shoes=asics

tennis shoes=any Adidas they hold good for kids

dress shoes=Steve Madden dress shoes that can be worn as dress, or athletic casual
Reply:Right now i am loving boots because there is lots of snow on the ground.
Reply:vans :]

%26amp; converse :]]
Reply:I like vans%26amp;all stars :)

They're cheap%26amp;cute

Nikes are cute too :DD
Reply:other...... i like the short stubby heels because they go with almost anything
Reply:tennis shoes because they're pretty much plain and go with anything...

plus skater shoes r kinda ugly

and i dont kno anyone who wears bowling shoes outside of a bowling alley...
Reply:running shoes. Because you have a variety of brands and that means many different styles to chose from.
Reply:running shoes
Reply:Skate %26amp; Running shoes ::

Reply:I would say tennis shoes, with white being the main color. With tennis shoes that are white and no too many other colors, you can wear with almost anything and not clash.

like nike 6.0

cuz there much more comfty.
Reply:I like running shoes, especially New Balance ones like these


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