Saturday, July 25, 2009

What kind of shoes can you bowl in?

no rubber soles? what is the bottom made of? what kind of shoe other than a bowling shoe is appropriate? I have a lacquered bottom shoe from christian louboutin. can i wear them? they flat, and have no rubber on the sole......

What kind of shoes can you bowl in?
the bowling alley is probably going to make you wear bowling shoes though some let you wear just your socks but i doubt any bowling alley will let you wear reg shoes.....most bowling alleys now have shoes that look like reg shoes not clown shoes!
Reply:When you go bowling they have bowling shoes that you can use although there sometimes is a fee
Reply:The lanes will want bowling shoes on your feet. If you bowl often enough and can't bear seeing their hideous rentals on your feet, you should be able to purchase a pair from a sporting goods store.
Reply:a bowling shoe perhaps?
Reply:If you bowl in leagues and tournaments you can wear rubber soled shoes as long as the sole does not leave a residue and does not mark the surface of the approach. That's in the case of experienced bowlers that do not slide, but rather plant their feet at the foul line. I crossed lanes with a few professional bowlers that used regular "Keds" type tennis shoes because they did not slide at all and needed the extra grip for their specific style of approach. One example is PBA Champion Michael Haugen Jr.

For bowling, you have to wear the rental house shoes unless you have your own pair of bowling shoes (Linds, Brunswick, Dexter, Etonic, Dynothane, Elite, etc.....) or the type of tennis shoes mentioned above, if you are used to bowling in them.


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