Saturday, July 25, 2009

If we went bowling together, would you hold my baIIs while i tie my shoes?

I would love to hold your balls. Any time!!

If we went bowling together, would you hold my baIIs while i tie my shoes?
I hope I wont drop them cuz it's heavy
Reply:Yes, sure.
Reply:you hold your balls and i'll tie your shoes. lol.
Reply:You bet cha.
Reply:Sure. Then I'll smash your face up with them for asking such a sick question.
Reply:that depends if you use a double knot or not
Reply:Yes your bowling balls!
Reply:you are funny.....makes me smile...thinking of what you said....

Reply:nope sorry
Reply:LMAO Maybe....
Reply:it depends on how many pounds it is -- one girl can only handle so much.
Reply:Someone tried to do me like that once and you don't want to know what the results were!!

The person was just glad I didn't make him knock down all the pens in the ally, I hope it wasn't you!!
Reply:just set them in the ball return
Reply:No, you can put it in the ball return thingy
Reply:no because i don't know you..
Reply:OK. But only this one time.
Reply:If you don't mind me putting them in the spinner... i like 'em shiny!
Reply:Aawhhh is someone trying to be funny? -pinches your cheek- ^.^
Reply:sure . WOW ! there heavier than i thought !

Reply:i would hold them and rub them nice and shine them a bit and look em over make nothing is stuck to them, but you have to hold yer own bowling balls
Reply:yeah of course. =D
Reply:First, you should only have one. Second, you can put it down and tie your shoes.

So, the answer is "no".
Reply:If you give me lunch to do so.
Reply:no there to heavy
Reply:Yeah I'd stick my fingers in them and grab on tight
Reply:no. sorry.
Reply:You have to hold your balls while you tie your shoes? YOU DA MAN!
Reply:Of course honey.... Just set them in my lap %26amp; I'll hold on to them for you....
Reply:Only if we were together ; ) (as in a couple)


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