Friday, July 31, 2009

Should i return the boots!!!?

I went bowling with friends and we were the last to leave. My friends left to get the car leaving me to return my bowling shoes. Handed them in and the girl said my shoes were not there (black ballet pumps) i went mad. I spotted a pair of boots on the floor, i was shouting at the girl and said, well you have obivously given them to someone else, she said no, so i demanded the boots. The girl didn't know what to say and i was now screaming at her, she handed me the boots, knee high tan stilettos, and i pulled them on and stormed out fuming, threatening her with legal action. When i got in the car my friends held up my shoes and said "do you want these" i could have died. I was a little drunk and i am now really embarised, should i return them or just keep them and forget it. They were quite worn and bashed up so not as if they are new, and they do fit me!! what should i do???

Should i return the boots!!!?
You should return them to the bowling alley.
Reply:yea..just leave them on the counter when no one is looking
Reply:You need to return them.
Reply:of course you should return them, and apologize to the woman - it wouldn't help to bring your friend who had your shoes - why would they bring your shoes to the car?
Reply:the right thing...........go back, return the boots and apologize and don't blame it on the booze
Reply:Return the boots hon. Your conscience will thank you later. Wouldn't hurt to apologize to the gal you yelled at either.
Reply:Leave it at the counter. If the person catches you doing the act, just say that you found it somewhere.
Reply:Well you should probably return them. . .Thing is, the person who owned the boots probably won't look for them still at the bowling place. She probably already freaked out and had to do something already. . .But you never know, I would do it because it's the right thing to do.
Reply:secretly return
Reply:return them, =] good luck
Reply:Remember how you felt when you found out that your shoes weren't there? That is probably how someone else is feeling now about those old boots. Of course, they're never going to think to go back and look for them again, so the deed is already done. I would still do the right thing and return them to the bowling alley. They aren't yours and you have no right to keep them.
Reply:You should do the right thing and return them and apologize for going off on her. to amny people these days aren't willing to do the right thing anymore and it's really bad it is all part of why our country is going down the toilet. We can use every bit of honesty and kindness we can get.
Reply:Go back to the bowling alley with the boots in a bag and after you've been there awhile turn them in to lost and found. Tell them you found them in the bathroom or something. I have a really beat up pair of boots that I would be lost without. It's not the owner of the shoes' fault your friends are morons.


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