Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need comfortable shoes that are not ugly "grandma" shoes?

I have developed a problem with a tendonitis in my ankle my doctor is telling me to wear(preferably) lace up shoes that provide a great deal of suppport. We wear business casual at work. I could wear gym shoes they are not banned but I really think they look tacky with dress clothes/pants. Currently I only wear flat shoes with no more than a 1 inch heel as is. I am not talking about pumps either I mean like loafers or casual sandals when it's warm. I don't want to look like a little old lady. I am willing to pay $80.00 or more for a shoe that looks good and supports like a athletic shoe. None of those "bowling" looking shoes please. Links are appreciated. Thanks!

Need comfortable shoes that are not ugly "grandma" shoes?
Reply:I've heard that crocs are the in fashion now. They look uncomfortable like plastic but they are not. They are a soft kind of material that actually molds to your foot shape as you wear them and they are soft. I have heard great things about them from folks with foot problems. Generic crocs or other brands that copy them made by Payless or Target are not the same, but they are all the rage in wearing them with anything from dresses to jeans. They have all different kinds of colors and styles - take a look!

sketchers offers a lot of shoes like what you are looking for that dont have the "athletic" look to them but offer the suppor that you should really check out their website..youll find a ton they even offer some very supportive looking flats
Reply:Have you looked into having custom insoles made? They cost, but can be put into a variety of shoes and let you have a few more choices.

You would take out the insoles the shoes come with and insert the custom ones.

My sister had a similar issue and didn't want to do the insoles, but after years of battling comfort vs. ugly gave in and she is really happy with them.

Your podiatrist can refer you or google 'custom insoles'. I think hers are gel and they took an imprint of her foot.
Reply:I absolutely am a huge fan of CROCS. I know people either love them or hate them, but let me tell you they are the most comfortable shoe ever and if you go to, you will see that they make a shoe for every occasion you will encounter in life - even high-heels!! They range from about $25-$50.00

Good luck!
Reply:this website has dr. scholls padded shoes that are for every occasion. different styles for evening, casual, gym, and beach. they were created by a doctor so they are sure to help your tendonitis. hope this helps :)
Reply:Another option would be to buy good arch supports and then you can get cheap shoes and just put your arch supports in them! Would save you money in the long run and give you a lot more options.

I found these at they seem to have alot of shoes geared towards health related problems. Hope this helps.
Reply:Try Sketcher shoes... I have a foot problem and LOVE their loafers for work.... They look nice but are comfy like athletic shoes. And, they only cost $40-50.
Reply:go to like naturalizer or sumthing

or these dr scholls

or Birkenstock are good too..
Reply:puma looks really cute and they're comfortable
Reply:have you looked at privo shoes they are AMAZING and they are nice looking... i swear by them and now so do all my friends.
Reply:Just check out eastlands brands, they mold to your feet and last forever.
Reply:my favorite brand of only semi-ugly shoes for this purpose is clarks. google it.


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