Saturday, July 25, 2009


What would be a cute outfit to wear bowling? I think that shorts or bermuda shorts would look funny with the bowling shoes. This is a date, so i wanna look good!!!!

Well, given that you will be bending over and displaying your behind to your date, I would say wear something that enhances its beauty. Tight, low-riding pants are always good.
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Reply:Everybody looks stupid won't be alone!
Reply:Jeans. But anything you wear is gonna look goofy with bowling shoes.
Reply:My girlfriend is a bowler and she always bowl in short or skirt. I think she looks very cute in her uniform.
Reply:Jeans, but make sure you're comfortable because every time you sit down and get back up, you don't want to have to be adjusting your clothes. It gets annoying. I make that mistake A LOT! Have fun!!
Reply:what in the world is Bermuda shorts and whats the difference
Reply:Jeans. That's the best anyone can do for bowling.


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