Friday, July 31, 2009

What do you think of these Nike Air Force One?

Ok, i just bought these air forces and just wanted to get other peoples opinion. First of all, I wanted a shoe that had black.

At first when i got the air forces they looked cool, but as I got home they and tried them on, they looked like dancing shoes or even bowling shoes and I don't want to look like I'm wearing them. So do u think I should return them and exchange them for a different black shoe? Or keep them? What is a good replacement shoe (nike) that is black?

Here's what they look like:

Also, do you guys think that this shoe looks good and I should get it instead? They're dunks.

What do you think of these Nike Air Force One?
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Reply:I don't mind the black and white shoes. I don't think they look like bowling shoes. I mean be confident and who cares what others think. If you sport them with confidence you'll see others going out and wanting the same shoes.
Reply:HOT! I like them!

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