Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking a date bowling. any fun flirty games to play?

im a really good bowler, but im jsut gonan use alley shoes and ball and not play serious at all. is there any good ways to flirt with her like bring her to foul line get close and shower her how to bowl. and games like if i get a strike i get to ask you something or tell you something about my self. stuff liek that?

Taking a date bowling. any fun flirty games to play?
An extension of truth or dare, if one of you gets a strike, the other has to do or tell you something you tell them to.

Or if one of you gets a gutter ball then they have to get the next drinks.

Also offer to give her a foot massage when she takes off those uncormfortable bowling shoes.
Reply:well,u get to stare at her but whenever shes up. just dont play footsie b/c of the bowling shoes...*GAG*!
Reply:just play tag.......
Reply:aww do the "if u get a strike i get to ask you something" thing, that sounds sweet.
Reply:Just tell her to wear a short skirt and tight top...i bowled on a coed team years ago with 2 hotties...they drove the whole league crazy with their fun.
Reply:well........tell her that if she wins, you will give her something, if she loses, you give her something that isint as good as the thing she would get if she won........confused anyways, good luck :)
Reply:If you are close to her you can try depending on what hand she bowls with go to the opposite side hold her hand and bowl with her just don't annoy her with it heh %26gt;.%26gt;
Reply:You should try bowling crazy ways with her lol. MY boyfriend and i threw it together it was so funny when the worker came for the 50th time to get our
Reply:well i know maybe she will purposely mess up then you can help and put your arm around her and hold and such
Reply:Why don't you show some class, and just be nice and kind

and not expect anything in return.

You may be pleasantly surprised.
Reply:ohh thats really cute. i would love that if a guy did that for me. thats sweet.

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