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Bowling Q: Having to start over...?

I've been bowling pretty much my whole life the wrong way. First off, I used my middle and pointer finger instead of my middle and ring. Second, I've been using the house stuff (shoes, balls). Average: 152.

Since then I've bought my own ball, albeit a cheap non-reactive ball, adjusted my grip and bought my own shoes. I've also started to try to hook the ball with low-to-moderate success. I'm having great difficulty being consistent even though my 4-step drop is good. Average: 124.

I do 5 games in a day, but only 1 day for fear I'll severly sprain some fingers. Should I practice more? Are there any tips the Yahoo community can give me?

Appreciate the input.

Bowling Q: Having to start over...?
I bowl with my middle and pointer, and I do fine. it's not like your cheating when you bowl like that, so if your good bowling with your middle and pointer keep bowling like that.
Reply:I'm not very good with advice. I'm one of those that can do it, but to explain it is a whole other story.

However, if your truly interested in taking your game to the next level, I would definitely recommend a few lessons. Very important though to learn how to throw a straight ball before attempting a hook. Once you've mastered throwing a straight ball, your instructor or your local pro shop should be able to help recommend a good entry-level reactive ball. Plastic balls aren't meant to hook. They're meant for either beginners like yourself or for spares. You can force a small hook on it, but it will never have a natural hook to it. So when your ready for a hook ball, get a new one, but keep this one for your spares.

Also, although bowling with your pointer and middle, is definitely considered unconventional, if it works for you, then why not?? However, I wouldn't neccessarily nix the idea of bowling middle/ring fingers right away. Give yourself a chance to change habits and see how it works. Your avg. might initially go down since your not used to it yet, but long-term your avg. could definitely go up. But again, if after your give it a chance, you still see it not working, then go back to your old way. There is no right or wrong, its what works for you.

Good luck and keep practiceing
Reply:Maybe you're trying to put too much change into your game all at once. With a new grip, new ball, etc.

Being that you have a non-reactive ball, you may want to simply give time to adjust to that without the hook.

I also have a cheap non reactive ball and have no luck with a large hook. I have a small hook that comes on at the end.

I get this by concentrating on where my thumb is:

I'm right handed:

Upon forward ascension of the ball, my thumb is at 3 o'clock. Right at release, my thumb is at 12 o'clock and no more.

By doing this and by spot bowling (never looking at the pins) I can usually get 3x's in a row pretty consistently in a game.

Good luck to you.
Reply:Well, lets' see what i can do. Let's go over this

Wrong Grip: 152

Right Grip: 124

Who says your grip is wrong? I assume you have the ball drilled to your "right" grip. Hmmm.

What you did is buy another house ball really that isn't as beat up...

You won't sprain your fingers. I know guys that bowl 4 hours a day. Old retired guys, but still.

You need to know the oil pattern. that will also control the hook. Non reactive balls aren't going to break like reactive balls. YOu need to find your spot and hit it.

I'm going to say this. If you can still do the old way, try it. See what happens. I'm off the opinion, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I can throw a 2 finger ball and hook the dickens out of it and be fairly accurate. Using your old grip and giving the ball a 1/4 turn when you release should put some good spin on the ball. otherwise you'll be throwing a flat ball. I love bowling and I've seen every kind of delivery. If it works, use it.

That's my Take
Reply:For the hook, there a few keys to being successful using that approach.

1) Keep your wrist straight and keep it locked all the way through your delivery.

2) Keep your elbow in, don't let it fly out on your delivery.

3) Let the ball do the work. You shouldn't need to put a lot of arm power behind it. On your backswing just let the ball drop and let the momentum from your backswing carry the ball forward to your release point.

4) The slower you roll, the more break you'll get. The best way to slow the ball down is to slow your approach down. Find a good equilibrium between the ball speed and ammount of break.

5) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Your follow through is key. A complete follow through can mean the difference between hitting the pocket and hitting the head pin 1/2" high and leaving a nasty split. When your motion is done, your thumb should hit you in the forehead and your fingers should be pointing straight up in the air.

Work on these things and you should see a noticeable difference. Practice is always good, I bowl 20-25 games a week and have never sprained my fingers. They've gotten swollen a couple times, but no injuries. Also, with a non-reactive ball you won't get as much action as you would see with a composite reactive resin ball, so don't expect too much out of your equipment.
Reply:nothings right or wrong in bowling, its being comfortable that counts

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