Saturday, July 25, 2009


i always have problems balancing with my sliding leg upon my release. which brand of bowling shoes have better stability. dexter or ABS?

I would definitely vouch for Dexter Bowling Shoes. I've used them since the early 1990's and really love the interchangible soles and heels, plus the wider base for more balance when delivering the ball. I believe that they are an excellent investment and will last for a very long time!

Hope this helps!
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Reply:Dexter is the best bowling shoe out there, but dont go out and buy a nice pair right away because it doesnt seem to be your problem. Make sure that you are sliding straight to the pins and coming straight threw your shot. Once you get this down get some nice SST 5s or 6s from dexter and from what you say your problem is i would use a higher friction sole for less slide.

Good luck and have fun with the sport!
Reply:Dexter is the best shoe, but no shoe can solve the balance issue. Work on your approach, possibly slowing it down.
Reply:its not your shoes is the proble what i say you should do is put one foot at the line and and try and put the other foot behind rhe first foot and balancing at the line and swing the ball back for 3 swings then release the ball that might fix your proble

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