Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bowling question?

I am a beginner. I want to buy bowling shoes and ball. Can anyone give me some recommendation? Which brand is good? Is it better to buy online than store at bowling center ?

Bowling question?
I'd consult your bowling center store for the answer to this one. The ball you buy is dependent on the form of your bowling. Each core has a different feel and your strength, speed and angle of bowling will all be contributing factors to what you should buy. Any ball you will be able to get used to and bowl better with but the feeling of the ball is all based on the individuals needs. My ball maybe great for me but useless for you so talk to the shop owner to find out what is suitable.
Reply:If I were you, I would compare prices between online retailers and your local pro shops for "package deals" featuring bowling ball, shoes and a bag. Most pro shops will have great prices for those packages with ball drilling included and the prices will go up from a basic "entry level" urethane beginners bowling ball up to an advanced reactive resin/particle bowling ball.

Online, you can find retailers with "free shipping" which saves lots of money and you won't have to pay tax, unless they are in your same state. Only thing is when you receive an "online" bowling ball, you have to pay for drilling at the local pro shop. Just do the math when comparing prices. The online retailers with free shipping are, and

Hope this helps!

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