Friday, July 31, 2009

Pain after the tibular sesamoid has healed?

I was diagnosed w/ a fractured sesamoid 3 months ago. One month ago per x-ray it looked like the fracture healed (crutches and bone stimulator did the trick). After 1 month (taking it easy w/ orthotics) I went bowling and wore the terrible bowling shoes that is commonplace and now (once in a while) have a dull pain where the fracture was. Has anyone else had pain like this after being diagnosed as healed??

Pain after the tibular sesamoid has healed?
I think that this pain is normal. I don't know the reasoning but my friend broke her collar bone and ever since she has pain on her collar bone even when someone just puts the slightest pressure on it. If you go to your doctor they would probably just tell you to take ibprofen when it's bothering you.

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