Friday, July 31, 2009

How can I make a bowling ball spin fast down a lane?

Recently, my husband and I have taken up bowling. He won a bowling ball and I ordered one. I am scoring in the 60's and we bowl twice a week. I am getting very frustrated now. I want to learn how to spin the ball, make it go fast down the lane, and score some major strikes. Please help me....I have invested some money into the ball, bag, and shoes.

How can I make a bowling ball spin fast down a lane?
First, control is worth MUCH more than speed. Yes, you want some spin, but the important thing is that you release the ball the same way every time. To get spin, hold the ball with your thumb up, then turn your wrist as you approach so that, as you release the ball, your thumb is down. That will give you spin.

However, learn how to make your approach, and do it the same way every time. Release the ball the same way every time. Then, try approaching from the same location every time, and try hitting the same spot when you release (those little triangles on the lane). Keep experimenting. Sooner or later, you'll find your "spot" and can start working for accuracy.

Once you've done that, try approaching the same way, but hitting a different spot (one right or left) and see where the ball goes. That is how you learn to pick up spares, or left-over pins on either the right or left.

Still, keeping your approach the same every time, holding the ball the same way every time, and releasing it the same way every time will start giving you the control you need to decide where the ball will go once you release it. Keep experimenting. Also, work on your approach (to the foul line) until you've found a way that's comfortable for you (some take three steps, some four). Consistency in these things will give you far better results than uncontrolled speed.

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