Friday, July 31, 2009

What's everyones shoe size and does it give you problems in any way?

Hey everyone, just checking the inside of my new shoe it reads on the tag:

16 USA


15.5 UK

C width

What's everyone elses?

Does ur shoe size give you problems? I can't put on bowling shoes when my friends go there because they are way too small.

What's everyones shoe size and does it give you problems in any way?
10 1/2

no probs
Reply:wierd because i have a half brother and his foot is also 13 inches long and he wears a size 12 shoe (US), I have another brother whos foot is the exact same size as a ruler (12 inches long) and he also wears a size 12 shoe.(US) Report It

Reply:My shoe size depends on the shoe itself. They range between a 4 in kids and a 8 in women's. Their not really a problems to me, their more of an advantage because I can get shoes at a cheaper price.
Reply:mine's 8 or 8 1/2 u.s.womens, which is a fairly common size. The only problem I find is if they're out of my size. (since it's common). I've never heard of having size 16 u.s. feet. For bowling, you could just wear socks. That's what we always did when we were too small for the shoes. Some dots of fabric paint on the bottom would make them not so slippery.
Reply:USA Women's size 5 or 5 1/2 and children's size 4. Yep, I have small feet. All my friends are like size 8 or something. A lot of shoes don't fit me. At least when I go bowling they always have my size! ♥
Reply:No problems here, I wear a 6 1/2 and am 5"1, so I guess I am ok.
Reply:size 5 im womens, I could never find any cute dressy shoes ;(

but sneakers i can fit into youth boy sizes so those are always cheaper priced
Reply:16? whow im like

a 5-6 in US
Reply:My shoe size it a 10 and i love them my feet its fine.
Reply:womens 9 1/2 USA, and its a pain. Many shoes come in half sizes 5-9, then skip 91/2 and go right to 10, 11 ect. So I am left trying to wear 9 that pinch or 10 that are loose and rub blisters. Argh...
Reply:UK size 8 ,
Reply:I'm a 14 US. The only problem I have is selection. It's hard to find a good variety in stores in larger sizes. I get most of my shoes online now so it's no biggie
Reply:nope I'm fine no wait yeah I'm a 7 in woman and a 6 in the heels it's hard to find a 6 heel
Reply:Hmm...I have a feeling you wanted to brag about something we shall not mention...

9 in womens.

And seem to not have a problem...

And I know, that's big for girls.

So what does that mean for me?
Reply:I wear extra wide. It's a pain in the butt finding shoes that fit, and I can't afford shoes most of the time to begin with.
Reply:i wear a womens 9 in USA and it is a problem sometimes cuz a shoe might look ugly in my size or i cant find my size at all!
Reply:US 7 sometimes 7 1/2 depending on the shoe. I am content I think it's a good size
Reply:I wear size 7 1/2, womens, USA. no, it doesn't give my any problems. my feet are smaller than most of my friends'. sux for you! maybe u should look into getting ur own bowling shoes...

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