Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion DiLEMA (Please Help!)?

Okay so today night, is the

' Elves Bowl against Elves ' Bowling Tournament.

Every 6 months, we have one of these.

There are many awards other than the

' Best Player ' :

' Best Elf '

' Best cookie baker '


' Best Dressed '

I've won an award in the other three but best dressed.

I'm working real hard on this!

So I'm planning to wear a red elf hat,

Green and red striped elf bowler's suit,

but IDK about the shoes!!

I have these bowling shoes to choose from :

- Red (3 pairs)

- Blue (1 pair)

- Green (4 pairs)

- Brown (2 pairs)

- Purple (1 pair)

- Black (0 pairs)

- Gold (3/4 pair)

- Pink (1/2 pair)

- White (7 pairs)

Try to picture how i will look, and fit it with my shoes.

THANK YOU so much!!

I really appreciate it :)

Fashion DiLEMA (Please Help!)?
Um, wow. Elf? It's cute, really. But uh. Gold sounds cute :] (don't know why I just answered this question).
Reply:one red one green Report It

Reply:nah Report It

Reply:take the oldest pair of red shoes you have, clean them and get some glue and glitter (red and silver mixed would be cool) from an arts %26amp; craft store and make a design with the glue and apply the glitter, make sure you clean them so the glue sticks to the glitter and not dust and dirt
Reply:Wear 1 red shoe and 1 gold shoe! :)
Reply:do one red one green...that's hot 4 an elf...even spring for latex ear points and talk with an irish accect.


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