Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tonight I am going to a bowling party and I don't know what to wear?

Could someone help me out with outfit ideas. Of course shoes don't matter cause you have to wear bowling shoes, but tops and stuff are good. I probably won't go out and buy they but I just want a general idea for help! Thanks!

Oh and about me:

I'm 13

I have a lot of stuff from abercrombie/Hollister/ect- yes I know it gets super boring which is why I usually add accessories and stuff.

Thanks for the help!

Tonight I am going to a bowling party and I don't know what to wear?
Throw out all of your abercrombie/hollister crap and buy twice as many things for your money. You'll get more than just t-shirts made from kleenex.
Reply:wear a black shirt and skinny jeans with tennis shoes. wear your hair in a pony tail with a head band and loop earings
Reply:If you are going bowling with your friends, you will definetly want to wear something comfy/cute/casual.

(btw, I'm 13, go bowling and to the movies with my friends all the time, and love american eagle)

Wear something bright, those colors are coming in style and you will stand out and brighten your eyes.

Reply:I would wear something like this or this
Reply:if u have a pink hollister shirt and a pearl neclace.. wear those and then curl your hair like this:: and u can still do your hair like that when its long

and wear dark jeans
Reply:id go with a cute tank and a tight jacket with skinny jeans
Reply:you could just wear a t-shirt with a sweater over it or a long sleeve shirt and jeans cuz u dont have to wear anything fancy or casual cuz ur BOWLING just wear everyday clothes
Reply:something thats cute and that you can move around in and when you go too bowl it doesnt show the goodies
Reply:white high water jeans and a Iron Maiden t shirt
Reply:Ok first of all no skirts/dresses...unless you either want someone to see what underwear you are wearing. Wear cute shorts/jeans. Wear tennis shoes there so you don't have to bring socks. You should just wear a cute t-shirt and some jewelery..nothing extreme. Bowling is fun and casual don't get all dressed up.
Reply:well most normal people bowl in comfy clothes like jeans
Reply:i can help you check out some of my outfits i made on polyvore!
Reply:i'd say where dark jeans and a bright shirt with diamond earrings and a headband
Reply:If it's cosmic bowling, then where colors that might glow.. like white or something bright. If it's reg bowling, then where a cute top.. maybe something with sleeves. I usually get cold in bowling alleys. Jeans are the most comfortable thing. Hope I could help!
Reply:Wear something fun, festive and above all comfortable. You need to be able to move around if you are going to bowl and do well. Be sure to wear either a longish shirt, or not too low rise jeans or you'll be worried about showing too much skin as opposed to just enjoying yourself and having fun.

Throw an extra pair of socks in your bag so you don't have to worry about less than hygienic bowling shoes. Have a good time!
Reply:wear some Apple Bottom jeans and a hollister shirt...................................... of the boys we be like can i get your number ?????????? l.o.l.
Reply:Wear a red rust colored tank with a creme headband a mini skirt (dark jean) and some red and creme leg warmers.
Reply:jeans,abercrombie Vneck with a tank underneath..

i have fun

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