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What should I do? This isn't even my fault.?

Ok let me tell you what happened. My friends all went out bowling and I was thankful for once some girls came lol. Anyways that's not the problem. The problem is by the end of the night it was me and two of my friends and my friend was acting like an idiot (I mean he is a nice guy) but he walked out and stole a pair of bowling shoes on purpose. I told him as soon as we walked out (when I notice it) Take those back in right now! I don't want to see you get in trouble or even see you in prison but he never did. Then when I dropped him off tonight he left those shoes in my car and I gave my other friend the shoes to put in his bowling bag. I swear why did he have to do this in the first place? Now what should I do. I got a few answers to my question but I don't know the better answer. I was thinking A. Just me and my innocent friend go up to the guy and said that our one friend took them by accident or maybe on purpose or B. Go in the bowling alley and just somehow leave them under a seat

What should I do? This isn't even my fault.?
Just give the shoes back and say you walked out with them on accident. Why would he want to steal bowling shoes anyhow? Like hundreds of people have worn them before... 0o..


MasterAdvisor!DUH! is corect just hand them in saying you found them simple as
Reply:You don't have to explain, just give them to the guy and say sorry.
Reply:leave them under some empty bowling lane.

and calm down.

you can't go to prison for stolen bowling shoes.

Reply:just talk to him n tell it to him like it is. lol.

tell him to take the shoes back, n if he doesnt want to then u could always take them back urself n say u found them outside n thought u should bring them in so u'll end up looking like a good guy. lol.
Reply:i would just take them back and say friend left these in my car from the other night ..i dont know if he knew he took them or not but i want to return them to you guys..and they will just thank you and take them back...
Reply:I like the previous answer, return the shoes and say you found them in your car and it seems your friend walked out with them by accident. (btw, is it the same size you wear? Easier if it's not then they know it was really your friend and not you :P)

Next time if you're driving, tell your friend he won't get into your car until he returns those shoes. If he doesn't, he can walk home (on those shoes or not, his problem) It's a lousy thing to first walk out with those shoes on purpose and then leave them in your vehicle! 'Nice guy'? A thief who steals stuff and then drops the stolen goods on one of his friends? Must be some definition of 'nice' I'm not familiar with....
Reply:Well, you're right. It isn't your fault. And your friend may be or may not be a nice guy, but fact is, what he did wasn't cool. Especially the part about leaving them in your car. If I were you, I'd probably just take them and leave them in the bowling alley without saying anything, because I'd feel awkward trying to explain that one of my friends "accidently" stole a pair of his shoes. But if you're dead-set on going up to the guy, then that's what you do. You don't say he took them, you just say, "He took them by mistake and then left them in my car. I'm really sorry for the bother." Go when you guys are going to be playing one night and when you're going to be asking for a pair of shoes, and right after you return those, ask for another pair. Hopefully in a different size. That way he won't think YOU took them. If you're the same size, well, then, he'll just have to believe you.

I hope this helps! Good luck, hon.
Reply:There's no easy answer to this! I would get him to return it himself because you don't want to be held responsible for his action. Maybe he did it because he wanted some attention, especially if there were girls around when he did it. He might think that it makes him look cool. Tell him you don't want to hang out with him anymore if he's going to be doing crap like that, because you CAN get in trouble for the things that he does.
Reply:no no no don't do A or B OK, A makes your friend look like a dumb @ s S even though he probably is (you cant dis you friends no matter what!) and B you could just get caught stashing them and risk someone blaming you for trying to still, just walk in and tell them "hey i found these shoes outside in the parking LOT", easy, simple and nothing to worry about. those people have so many shoes they lose track of how many there are or if some are even missing, they will think nothing of it and just take the shoes. good luck and don't worry. ; )

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