Saturday, July 25, 2009

Question about shoes?

Okay, well I found these ballet flats in my closet, and I thought they were cute. I'd never worn them before and I wondered why, but I couldnt remember, so I slipped them on, and went on with my day.

I realized later why I never worn them.

The bottoms are like bowling shoes and were SO slippery.

I went to the movies and nearly busted my @ss!

So is there any type of grip things I can buy for the bottom of my shoes, that arent to expensive?

Or some technique to scuff up the bottoms?

Thanks ;)

Question about shoes?
Well i think that you should deffinatley use this website to buy soles that are less slippery :)
Reply:click my website chooes your need
Reply:you should check the nearest shoe store or find out where you bought those shoes and ask the salesman if there is anyway to make the shoes not so slippery = )
Reply:I once read an article from a fashion megazine that says to put duck tape on the bottom of the shoe, but walk around with places that are really dusted first to make sure that they are not too sticky when you actually wear those shoes out.
Reply:Just wear them some more and they will get worn in. Works like a charm!
Reply:I need ot know too! My rocket dogs are unbelievable!
Reply:try these they can be at wal-mart, foot action, payless, or any shoe place....


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