Saturday, July 25, 2009

What the name of these shoes?

do you remember the old school shoes, i cant remember what there called, they are black and white they look like bowling shoes kinda, i had a pair when i was little , and i wanted to know the name or style so i can get a pair for my daughter

What the name of these shoes?
Do you mean Mary janes or some sort of Clarks or bata shoes? You can get them all anywhere in shoe stores!
Reply:Converse Chuck Taylors..?
Reply:saddle shoes
Reply:converse chuck taylors or volleys?
Reply:many of shoes look like that !! which one of those♥♥☻

i had them when I had to go to Catholic School as a kid
Reply:British Knights?
Reply:Because you are so descript I think you already know and are therefore mocking us.
Reply:the saddle oxford shoes from the 50's?

under my skin

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