Friday, July 31, 2009

6'4 and 5'1...oh no?

Is that like a really odd height difference? I really feel uncomfortable talking to the guy cause he's sooo tall but i like him so much. I cant really wear heels because I bowl so I have to have bowling shoes on when I see him. (its a league) i feel like he doesn't want to talk to me because i'm short so i don't bother talking to him!

6'4 and 5'1...oh no?
Short girls are HOT! I am a pretty tall guy and I have always liked the short girls best, although I was too shy to ask any of them out......
Reply:height differences shouldn't matter
Reply:i'm 6'6 and would have no problem dating a girl your size. I'm sure if you act normal and be yourself, and flirt a little, he will start noticing you more. Alot of people say they have these height standards, but that always gets thrown out the window when you really like someone.
Reply:that is a big hieght difference, but its ok, if u like him, it doesnt matter
Reply:I am 6'1 and my wife is 5'1 there is a little difference. Some guys are shy, maybe he feels the same way about you, saying something like she doesn't want to talk to me cause I am so tall, strike a conversation and see where it goes

Reply:no problem
Reply:no, its not a big difference. im 5'0 and my man is 6'2 some guys that are that tall like short girls. He probably is shy thats why he doesnt talk to you but dont think its because of your height. but talk to him and mabey you can see him in a different setting where you can wear heels!
Reply:I'm 6' 3" and my wife is 5' 0". I would not trade her for anything (taller or otherwise). Sometimes good things come in small packages!!!!

Good luck!


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