Saturday, July 25, 2009

What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?

Mine are these black and tan bowling shoe looking things. Ugly as sin but very cool.

What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?
Black Sketchers. Kinda like a hiking boot.
Reply:i have a pair of silver sandals with stiletto heels and laces that go all the way up my calves. they make my legs look really nice, but are so "look at me!" that i have to wear them with a solid black dress and simple accessories.
Reply:LL Bean hiking boots.
Reply:mine are valentino shoes that i got for a huge discount. they are brown braided leather sandals and a huge shaped wedge. gorgeous and sexy. and not $400 :)
Reply:Black boots.
Reply:I love shoes, all of my shoes, boots, platforms, heels, high heel flip flops, I love them all. I could not choose a favorite. I guess I would have to say that the most important shoe to me is my running shoes because they enable me to keep my figure so that I can rock any shoe with any outfit I want.
Reply:I have a pair of bedroom slippers that are worn out, dog chewed and basically need to be thrown in the trash but I love them anyway and categorically refuse to get rid of them despite what my girlfriend says.
Reply:a shoe!
Reply:White, blue, and gray Aetrex X521 tennis shoe
Reply:my ugly Adidas tennis shoes, I have had them for 5 years, but I love them!

I hate dress shoes because I have to wear them at work everyday!
Reply:they are a high, black pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers.

I love them sooooooo much i wear them only on special occasions
Reply:barefeet ...
Reply:Black and white herringbone pumps. Its hard to find something to wear them with, but I love them.
Reply:mine are beige canvas runners, ugly and dirty, but comfy!!

Reply:i like my pink and white k-swiss's. even though they are 4 years old
Reply:My favourite shoes are my sandals
Reply:They are pink and white.
Reply:Yo Son it's all about the Nike Cortez boy.
Reply:My favorite shoes are black suede spike heels, but daily it's leather flip-flops!
Reply:black boots with red on the inside
Reply:any pair of skechers-but mostly my oldest pair of clunky brown ones. they are stretched perfectly to fit my feet and are faded in spots-but so comfy
Reply:Pink practice ballet shoes...not very pretty, but very easy to wear.
Reply:mine are my plain white skechers tennis shoes.
Reply:Beat up and falling apart blue Vans.

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