Monday, April 20, 2009

Will you please describe a typical pair of bowling shoes you rent at the alley?

The typical pair of bowling shoes you rent at an alley have been there for at least thirty five years. If the alley is newer than this, then they bought the shoes from some alley that went out of business years ago, who had ultimately bought them from some other defunct alley.

The shoes are typically made of faux leather-like material and have laces that have been through every kind of unimaginalble muck and grime that you can find in the alley, the alley%26#039;s bathrooms, bar, dining room, and anywhere else that someone may have worn them or stuffed them while running out back to get a little (name your vice).

Men%26#039;s shoes in particular have been peed on at least 10,000 times, particularly if the alley has a bar.

The laces you have to handle to tie the shoes to your feet, should you dare insert your feet into said shoes, have been though all the above disgusting stuff, plus are covered with evey germ and bacteria known to man since the last 10,000 people to wear that particular pair of shoes hadn%26#039;t collectivly washed their hands for hours, or more...

You may have noticed the person at the desk spraying someting into the shoes when you either rent them or bring them back to the counter. This futile act is mearly to give you the false sense of security that the shoes are disinfected. In actuality, it%26#039;s to secure the rodent %26quot;pellets%26quot; to the inside of the shoe so that they don%26#039;t come out while you%26#039;re handling or wearing the shoes. All those shoes make a wonderful rodent condo at night when the alley is empty. If you wear an especially large or small size. be especially careful to shake the shoes out before placing your foot into them.

All in all, I%26#039;d say they%26#039;re about as sanitary as any truck stop bathroom, and they work great.

Will you please describe a typical pair of bowling shoes you rent at the alley?
ugly, stinky, have been worn by a million other people, have a number on them
Reply:I have a friend that calls them camel toe shoes.
Reply:Very hard soles. Little to no grip. Ugly, much like a clown shoe. Some have improved styles over the years. The lace up very quickly, but they wear much like a pair of dress shoes.
Reply:what does this have to do with politics and government?
Reply:Teresa Heinz Kerry
Reply:Worn out, fungus laden, clown shoes from 1975.

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