Monday, April 20, 2009

Does adidas make bowling shoes?

I pretty sure they don%26#039;t but I was on this site and it said they did.

Does adidas make bowling shoes?
yes they do make Adidas bowling shoes. I have a pair.
Reply:yap - go here - here are some

in reply to your comment about them being basketball shoes - i guess you dont know how to scroll cause at the bottom they have adidias BOWLING shoes - its the big rolly button on ur mouse or the down buton on your keyboard - no prob - guess you just didnt see em
Reply:yes they do but the best shoes on the market are Dexter or Linds
Reply:no but they make shoes you can wear during sex for better traction.
Reply:i am pretty sure they do.
Reply:I dont think so.


check at like ***** Sporting Goods.
Reply:no they dont. only bowling companies make the shoes and they are not a company yet. Neither is Nike or Reebok
Reply:no they don they are not made for that

car makes

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