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Why do you rent shoes to go bowling?

When you go bowling, why do you rent shoes? My husband says it%26#039;s so that you don%26#039;t mess up the floor. Does everyone have to rent shoes or bring their own special bowling shoes, or do some people get to wear tennis shoes? Do the bowling alleys require you to rent shoes? If so, about how much does it cost?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you rent shoes to go bowling?

Actually, many advanced bowlers only wear a slide-soled bowling shoe on their slide foot, and a regular sneaker on the other one.

As for those regulations, it%26#039;s not only about scuffing or marking floors, it%26#039;s also about tracking stuff in from outside; moisture, dirt, etc. -- getting that stuff on the approaches is bad news. I%26#039;ve seen many bowlers stick on the approaches, fall, get hurt, things like that. That also happens when people go over the foul line and track lane oil onto the approach.
Reply:renting shoes at the bowling alley isnt expensive less than 5 dollars usually. yeah you have to wear them. the rules. you can buy your own bowling shoes and wear those if you like but no tennis shoes. you wouldnt even be able well with tennis shoes at the bowling alley in order to hit the pins
Reply:he is correct. most shoes will leave scuff marks from the soles, and scratches from rocks, sand, or dirt that is stuck to the soles. bringing your own bowling shoes is ok because you don%26#039;t wear them on the %26quot;street%26quot;. renting shoes is cheap, only a buck or so each visit.(not by the game). tennis shoes would be bad because they would grip too much,and cause you to trip. the soles of bowling shoes are made of a material that is meant to slide a little.
Reply:Every bowling place requires bowling shoes. You can rent or bring your own. You cannot bowl without bowling shoes. They will simply ask you not to play or rent shoes. It is not expensive, depends on the bowling place, less then $10 and maybe around $5.
Reply:Bowling shoes have smooth soft leather on the bottoms that slide on the flooring. You probably aren%26#039;t allowed to wear tennis shoes. If you are really into bowling, get your own shoes. If you are an occassional bowler just rent them. They spray them with a disinfectant, so they are clean. Shoe rentals are usually just a dollar or so . . .

Have fun . . .
Reply:So you don%26#039;t scuff the floor.

The rented shoes have a special soul : )
Reply:The reason why u ware those cuz if u ware ur own shoes u will slip.
Reply:so you dont scuff up the floor
Reply:so more people would fall on their bums...
Reply:so you don%26#039;t scuff up the floor.. If you bowl alot go buy your own shoes.. its much cleaner any ways
Reply:it doesnt rly cost that much.. yea i think the floor part is true.. also because they are more like rough and wont make you slip and fall..

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