Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do we need bowling shoes? cant we use regular shoes?

Here%26#039;s the deal, a casual bowler who doesn%26#039;t really worry about form at all can probably bowl with regular shoes. But a more serious bowler%26#039;s farm requires a slide on the final step. bowling shoes are made of a few different materials that slide easily on the well varnished floors at the bowling alleys.

I know your question is more about why do we HAVE to wear bowling shoes. That is because regular shoes pick up alot of outside dirt and moisture (be it beer or rain). If it comes off of your shoes and onto the varnished surface, it can majorly screw up any other bowler on that lane because they won%26#039;t get the slide they need.

I know that was long winded and obnoxious, sorry.

Why do we need bowling shoes? cant we use regular shoes?
i always wondered the same question! it makes no sense whatsoever..
Reply:i think for making a grip. bowling shoes must be designed such as 2 increase the friction between the soles and floor for during bowling our whole body weight is on our legs or else should say on our shoes
Reply:because you can slip on the field and with the bowling shoes its less likely to slip.

hope i helped
Reply:Some People think it scratches up the wood on the bowling Ally.
Reply:The bowling lanes have a special finish. Some shoes would cause scrapes and mess up the finish. It%26#039;s expensive to have it refinished. The idea is that the bowling shoes won%26#039;t mess up the flooring.
Reply:regular shoes might probably slip on the alley surface. also i think our regular shoes might carry dirt in them which would ruin the alley%26#039;s surface

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