Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you use the same bowling shoes for synthetic lanes as you do for wood lanes?


Most bowling alleys that have been around awhile have converted from wood to synthetic lanes, but the alleys still rent out the old-school red-and-blue shoes from 20 years ago.

While shoe technology has improved in recent years, the basic principle is the same: whether wood or synthetic lanes, bowlers just need to have footwear that won%26#039;t mark, mar, scuff or otherwise damage the approaches on the lanes. Both older and newer shoes meet that basic need.

However, bowling professionals (and fanatics) would argue that the type of shoes you wear is essential to consistency and that little %26quot;extra edge.%26quot; Newer shoes by manufacturers like Brunswick or Dexter (visit for examples of shoes) allow the user to interchange their own soles and heels, for maximum control on their approach and delivery. You%26#039;d adjust these if your approach requires a longer or shorter %26quot;slide%26quot;, or more or less %26quot;brake%26quot; after release.

Again, these purists would say that synthetic lanes require different shoes than wooden lanes. But for the average bowler out for fun or developing their game, you can use whatever shoes you feel the most comfortable in.

Happy bowling!

Do you use the same bowling shoes for synthetic lanes as you do for wood lanes?
It doesnt make a difference, the approach area is still the same, so the shoe is still the same, I have never seen shoes marketed differently for different lanes... The shoes the other person mentioned in the other answer with the interchangable soles/heels are for if the approach area is dry or slippery, but really has nothing to do with the lane material..

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