Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowling Shoes?

I want to buy some bowling shoes, but I know nothing about them. What do you suggest I get? What brand has the best value? (money/quality) Thanks

Bowling Shoes?
I%26#039;d purchase either Dexter, Linds, Circle or Brunswick brands of bowling shoes. All manufacturers have sturdy shoes (my Dexters lasted for over 15 years), and they all have entry level types that start at $29.99 for beginners. It%26#039;s definitely a good investment unless you want to rent shoes at $3-4 bucks each time you bowl.

For right handers, the sliding sole is on the left shoe and for lefties, it will be on the right shoe. There are basic bowling shoes where both shoes will have sliding soles. Hope this helps!

Online, you can purchase them at,, and KMart also sells bowling equipment at competitive prices as well.

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