Monday, April 20, 2009

Why are bowling shoes so ugly?

I mean, they make them multi-colored and often the colors don%26#039;t even go together. Why were they made like that?

Why are bowling shoes so ugly?
HAHAHHA!!!! I ALWAYS ask that question and all the guys are like gah you%26#039;re SUCH a girl. but seriously they could at least make them match. I guess the whole point is, if you are serious about bowling or what not, you dont really care about what the shoes look like, because you are there to bowl, not look fashionable. LOL but, if YOU yourself bowl often, you should look into buying a pair from ur local bowling alley shop. They actually have like cute one in there that look like kswiss-s or something. LOl! thank you! finally a girl who feels the same way about those hideous things!!!
Reply:They make them ugly because that way they are sure that no one will steal them. I mean, come on you can%26#039;t expect to pay that little for nice shoes can you? Report It

Reply:Well, that%26#039;s just, like, uh, your opinion, man.
Reply:so no one would steel them
Reply:I heard so no one steals them, but then I also heard it%26#039;s also made of the cheapest material EVER.
Reply:idk but I dont even bowl so I%26#039;m not worried about that!
Reply:There have been some nicer brands out, but you have to look them up in the catalogs. Of course they are more expensive.
Reply:Not sure but they are ugly as ****.
Reply:The%26#039;re for bowling not a fashion statement. Maybe this is a business opportunity! Bowling shoes you want to wear!
Reply:Because bowling as we know it which is played indoor started to be popular around late 19. century... In those times, gentlemen of the age wear that kind of shoes and since that time, although some things have changed, the stile of shoes did not...

That is why they are different and seem old fashioned.
Reply:because after you go bowling and have to be seen in public wearing those, your out-of-season clothes don%26#039;t seem so bad to wear in public. It%26#039;s a way for you to relive your old happy moments in last year%26#039;s outfits and not care what other people have to say.

OK so I%26#039;m making this up... but it sounds good!
Reply:to make them look uncomfortable
Reply:Yes, it%26#039;s pitiful how ugly the rented bowling shoes are, this is done because they%26#039;re cheap, and the management gets a kick out of laughing at people that rent them. That%26#039;s why I bought a cool looking pair of bowling shoes years ago.
Reply:I actually like bowling shoes. haha, well not the REAL ones that are old and stinky. But, I actually like the style. That%26#039;s just me though.
Reply:they were probably cheaper to get than pretty bowling shoes because 100%26#039;s of people will have them on there feet....
Reply:so no one will steal them
Reply:so nobody wants to steal them
Reply:You really haven%26#039;t seen all the bowling shoes. Yes, some are ugly but other you may even want to wear them out they are so modernised these days. Maybe the bowling alley you go to give you ugly ones on purpose so you won%26#039;t be tempted to walk away with them.
Reply:It%26#039;s a test. When you go on a hot date bowling, if your date still thinks you look cute in the ugliest shoes ever made, only then can you move onto the next stage of your relationship.
Reply:lol... cuz they r bowling shoes
Reply:So you won%26#039;t steal them.
Reply:bcuz its style are u stuck up
Reply:Because bowlers are normaly ugly ugly people. Good looking people don%26#039;t bowl.
Reply:So you won%26#039;t steal them

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