Monday, April 20, 2009

How much do bowling shoes cost?

i heard you can get them from k-mart, anyone know the price?

How much do bowling shoes cost?
$20 dollars or so...
Reply:Best choice is to go to and see what they sell for there. It is usually a good indicator of something%26#039;s worth.
Reply:its ussually 8.00 but for sure its under 12.00
Reply:yea a good pair will cost you about $38. dollars
Reply:i got an extra pair if you want them
Reply:hmmm...i haven%26#039;t seen any at K-Mart.

but i got mine from the bowling alley i go to.

usually most bowling alleys have pro-shops where they sell shoes. mine were about $60. they can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the brand and quality.

mine are made by Dexter.

they%26#039;re really cute; white %26amp; pink.

just don%26#039;t wear them outside, lolz. or they%26#039;ll get really messed up.
Reply:I dont know about k-mart, but they can cost anything from $40 to $500. It depends on how nice they are. I suggest a pro shop at a bowling alley.
Reply:Free if you steal them from the bowling alley.
Reply:I got mine for $3.50 at a Goodwill Store. Vintage. Nice. Had to air them out for a month though.
Reply:neither k-mart nor walmart have bowling shoes on their websites, so I doubt you will find it in their stores. My bowling shoes came from the pro shop at the local alley and they were about $30. They weren%26#039;t the cheapest pair, but they were pretty close.
Reply:Go to

That would be a better idea than asking all of these people who have no idea what they%26#039;re talking about.

You can even look it up on google, and I%26#039;m sure maybe if you went to a good bowling alley they could sell you some.

D: I hope this was helpful.

Thnxx for ur time...
Reply:theres alot of prices theres from$30 to 100$ check on
Reply:$2 from the bowling alley.
Reply:about 100

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