Monday, April 20, 2009

Why are bowling shoes so ugly?

I mean, they make them multi-colored and often the colors don%26#039;t even go together. Why were they made like that?

Why are bowling shoes so ugly?
This is an industry trick to make sure that the shoes are so ugly that they are not only identifiable by the ally that owns them, but that the person renting the shoes won%26#039;t want to steal them and want to turn them in to get their shoes back!
Reply:so u wont steal them
Reply:Only the ones in the bowling alleys are ugly. If you buy your own you can get really sharp looking ones. I%26#039;m glad they are ugly...takes the attention off my bad bowling skills.
Reply:so you dont steal them!
Reply:i think badfish911 should get the 10 points... that was really original
Reply:To keep your attention on the pins... If your bowling shoes were pretty they would be completely distracting. You may even let a ball go in a back swing, and the ball may hit someone, and that someone may be an elderly person, and they might fall and break their hip, and that may make you feel really bad. See so bowling shoes are really ugly because they care.
Reply:It Is Because Iam Ugly
Reply:The shoes have to match the ball, the ball is not that pretty either. hehehe

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