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What Type of Bowling Shoes are the Most Comfortable?

I just joined my church%26#039;s bowling team and I cannot handle wearing shoes that hundreds of people have worn before me but I am on a budget. The types that I am looking at are Brunswick Lazers, Brunswick Galaxy and Etonic June Poe. I should mention that my feet are small but they are a little wide so I usually get a half size bigger than I need to because of this. How much bigger should I get bowling shoes?

Also, are the bowling shoes that look like athletic shoes the same as the ones that look like the ones people rent at the bowling alley? Will the alley%26#039;s staff realize that these are bowling shoes?

I feel sorry for my team, they don%26#039;t know what they%26#039;ve done!!!

Thanks for all serious answers!!!

What Type of Bowling Shoes are the Most Comfortable?
Brunswick and Circle brand bowling shoes are very affordable and can be found online through or Dexter brand can be pricey but earlier models can be marked down considerably on those web retailers.

For total comfort and durability, Dexter Shoes will last you a long time and won%26#039;t break the bank.

Hope this helps!
Reply:See if there is a Dexter shoe outlet store near you. Dexter has a bargain basement which includes a section on bowling shoes. I was able to get top of the line bowling shoes at 1/3 the regular price because of a manufacturing defect like some stitches out of place.
Reply:bowling shoes usually are the same size as regular shoes. Dexter is always gonna be my fave for bowling shoes i have owned the same pair of Dex%26#039;s for about 6 years now. they are comfy still as the day i got them and i have bowled every week for 5 years now.

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