Monday, April 20, 2009

Which retail stores sells bowling shoes?

KMart is basically the only retailer (WalMart discontinued selling bowling equipment) that sells Brunswick and AMF entry level bowling shoes.

In any case, if those stores don%26#039;t have what you need, your local pro shop has excellent shoes such as Dexter, Linds, Circle, Elite, Etonic, Ebonite and Master, among others that you can find deals on, especially if they%26#039;re basic types and not high performance bowling shoes.

Hope this helps!

Which retail stores sells bowling shoes?
Dick%26#039;s Sporting Goods or probably other sporting good retailers.
Reply:Many sporting goods stores will sell a few selected entry-level models of bowling shoes.

My advice? Go to a good local pro shop. There should be one in your nearest bowling center. The selection is wider, and the owner will know what (s)he%26#039;s talking about.

Keep in mind, you don%26#039;t have to spring for Dexter SSTs or anything like that. Just a basic pair will work for you if you%26#039;re a beginner (which I assume you are, I apologize if that%26#039;s incorrect).

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