Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowling shoes care?

If I wore my bowling shoes in the parking lot and walked to the bowling alley and back once would that have ruined them?

Bowling shoes care?
Sorry to tell you, but your shoes are ruined. Take it from a pro and buy some new shoes. The dirt and debri outside is now deposited on your shoes and most likely will not come out. There are many things that you could pick up are like rocks and car oil and that is bad for your bowling and the lanes. You are going to get uneven traction on the lane and may slip and fall on your face. Since the bottom of your shoes is made from a felt like substance, its like putting a stain on a pool table. It ruins the felt. you don%26#039;t fall or end up in the middle of the lane, buy some new shoes.

Ok if you do want to wear your shoes from home, which I don%26#039;t advise, then buy some shoes covers. And if you want to try and save your old shoes, buy a wire brush and try to get everything off of them.

PS hope you didn%26#039;t get any bubble gum on them. lol
Reply:Ok, most of you obviously don%26#039;t know what you are talking about. Let%26#039;s see a cloth sliding pad on concrete and a jagged parking lot. Are your shoes ruined? of course they are. Just sliding on a soft approach eventually ruins them, and you guys don%26#039;t think that walking on concrete and possibly dragging your feet is going to ruin the sliding pads? Be serious. It depends how far you walked, but if you want to be safe, and your shoes aren%26#039;t completely totaled yet, you shoes always wear a shoe cover. If you don%26#039;t have one, then buy one in the pro shop. Even though you only did it once, there is a very good chance that u have done some damage to it.
Reply:not really, but if the got wet on the bottom just use a stel brush or something else and that should time put a shoe cover on them
Reply:No it proberly wouldn%26#039;t but to be on the safe side and keep them looking nice i would just put them on when you arrive at the bowling alley
Reply:It will definitely make them unusuable, unless you have the type of bowling shoe with interchangable soles, because the permanent sole shoes cannot be repaired unless you bring them to a shoe repair store.

In any case, with either permanent or interchangable soles, it would be advisable to use shoe covers that slip right onto the bottom 1/2 of the shoe. It protects against dirt, moisture and damage.
Reply:Probably not, unless you walked through a puddle of water or in snow (or any number of things which can damage leather). As long as there is no visible damage to the uppers, I%26#039;d just make sure the soles were clean and free of any debris (pebbles and such). Cleaning the uppers might be a good idea, too.
Reply:Your shoes would not be ruined, the bottoms would need to be cleaned. We have this problem a lot at the bowling alley. :)

You can use a steel brush or coarse sand paper to clean any debris stuck in the soles of your shoes (I prefer sand paper myself).

Also, make certain that there are no small stones or sand stuck in in the heel or other parts of the shoe, as that will damage the finish on the approach at your local bowling center.

If your shoes got wet, wait until the soles are dry before cleaning them and then using them again - for your safety!

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