Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowling shoes?

what happens if u wet the leather from ur bowling shoes? and wat proddocts are best to take care of that leather?

Bowling shoes?
Nothing happens to them. They are just like any other leather shoe. Water isn%26#039;t going to do any damage to the leather, you don%26#039;t get worried when it rains on your Nike%26#039;s, do you? The only thing that you should worry about is getting your slide pad wet. If you get this wet, you will not be able to slide at all and you will most likely fall on your face when you throw your next shot. You will want to dry off the slide pad before you bowl again but don%26#039;t worry about getting the rest of the shoe wet.
Reply:flour is great for bowling shoes, i play myself and it works a charm. dry them out the most possible then add a generous amount of flour.

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