Monday, April 20, 2009

Are Etonic Bowling Shoes comfortable?

I have Dexters right now -- they actually feel about 1/2 size smaller than they%26#039;re marked. I really like this one Etonic model, but I%26#039;m not sure how they fit, and I%26#039;m ordering online. My feet are slightly wide, so I wouldn%26#039;t order the Etonics if they run slightly narrow.

Are Etonic Bowling Shoes comfortable?
wow bowling shoes do run a tad bit small...i wish knew what style of Dexter%26#039;s you bought..I have an older pair that i bought about 156 years ago and they still are comfortable i buy them i bit bigger because my feet are also a bit wide...i am going to get my next pair fro can get guaranteed fit for a little extra and also you can get an extended warranty of a a bit extra...good luck and good bowling ps you can get them in extra wide also you just have to check and see if they are available in the style you want..

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