Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowling shoes - Stealing them??

Do you think that its wrong to steal bowling shoes? If you don%26#039;t, give me a tip on how I can rob em :D

Bowling shoes - Stealing them??
Yes. Please don%26#039;t steal the bowling shoes from the bowling alley. You are only hurting yourself. If everyone stole shoes from the alley, the alley would have to shut down. Then you will have bowling shoes and nowhere to use them. Most alleys are family owned. Think about it as if it was your family running the alley.

Not to mention that bowling shoes are cheap anyways. You can spend more on a night of actual bowling (paying for the games) then you would on a pair of shoes. I own a bowling supplies website - Sign up for the newsletter on my site and you%26#039;ll get a 10-15% off coupon which will make you bowling shoes even cheaper.

Short Answer: Yes - Stealing is Wrong and Against the Law!


Mark T
Reply:Nah, you should do it!

All you needto do is, Go bowling in a really old pair of shoes you don%26#039;t want.

Then, once you%26#039;ve handed them in just walk out with the shoes on after bowling.

Make sure you are wearing quite baggy trousers though - NOT skinny jeans!

So it%26#039;s a win win situation, You get a new pair of shoes and so do they!

And if they get you then just act like it was an accident.

Cause how many people would wana steal bowling shoes?!

=] Xx
Reply:You know it%26#039;s stealing, and you know that stealing is illegal. I think you%26#039;ve answered your own question. Go buy your own bowling shoes.
Reply:yah im calling the police on you!
Reply:It is still stealing and its wrong. That is part of the reason it is like 5 bucks to bowl one game now. Shame, Shame, Shame!

Reply:Trade, give them a pair of ratty old sneakers in return lol. When they aren%26#039;t looking make the switch.

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