Monday, April 20, 2009

Ladies, have you ever worn bowling shoes..?

without socks? did your feet get sweaty?

Ladies, have you ever worn bowling shoes..? we go....the foot fetish man....yes I have worn bowling shoes, while bowling....I%26#039;m sure my feet got sweaty....that%26#039;s hot isnt it?
Reply:Most bowling alleys don%26#039;t allow you to rent shoes without socks.
Reply:ouch that hurts!
Reply:Surefire way to get plantar warts, athlete%26#039;s foot fungus and a host of other infections and skin disorders. (BTW...just the words %26quot;plantar warts%26quot; should cure anyone of foot fetish,,,ewww, feet are such breeding grounds for foul infections)
Reply:No because you hire them from the temping bowl place for a social game and you must wear socks
Reply:nope, never.
Reply:no and no
Reply:Yep i sure have %26amp; they DID get sweaty...

At least I won that game!
Reply:I have not even been a lady
Reply:Only with socks that would be very uncomfortable without them.
Reply:No..yuck ewwww, puke.
Reply:eeee no way, who knows who%26#039;s nasty feet were in there before, and you can pick up all kinds of nasty crap doing that like ringworm. I bet some 300 lb lady in stirrup pants and a tweetie brid t-shirt eating bigmacs and diet cokes w/ sock fuzz from las tweek between her toes had %26#039;em before you did.
Reply:Absolutely NOT!!! That%26#039;d be yucky. No socks= no bowling...
Reply:nope. they are gross shoes
Reply:I wore them with tights once, it felt kind of...

wait, do you have a foot fetish? I better shut up.
Reply:thats really disguisting.

what if the person that wore them before you had something like athletes foot?
Reply:Yes and yes. Yes my feet got sweaty and I detest using the shoes you rent at the bowling alley. Breeding ground for athlete%26#039;s foot.
Reply:No. I don%26#039;t bowl.
Reply:LOL %26quot;David Dickerman%26quot;
Reply:ewww gross

i still wear my shoes i dont care what they say


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