Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do bowling allies make you wear bowling shoes?

Shoes worn into a bowling alley from the outside could contain small rocks that would scratch the highly glossed wood floors. You will notice that bowling shoes have a nice smooth sole. The floors in a bowling alley are costly to maintain and repair. Wearing bowling shoes minimizes the chance of damaging the floors.

Why do bowling allies make you wear bowling shoes?
they have special tred at thebottom so that you dont slip. they can also make money becacuse most people dont own them
Reply:its so you wont ruin the floors
Reply:i dont konw maybe because its not they make you... if you had your own... you could use them but since not many ppl do then they must consider it a privelige
Reply:Because regular shoes will ruin the floor.
Reply:you mean bowling alleys? because many street shoes leave marks on the floor, wearing down the floor varnish/lacquer.
Reply:To keep %26quot;street shoes%26quot; off the fine floors leading to the lanes. And of course to make a very sexy fashion statement.
Reply:It%26#039;s a shoe company conspiracy, led by the government and lobbyists.

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