Monday, April 20, 2009

How to remove stains on bowling shoes?

It should be the rust stains due to the rusting of the shoe-laces holes.

How to remove stains on bowling shoes?
I have no idea. You may want to try Bill Clinton I hear he is an expert on stains.
Reply:well to remove stains from leather and vinyl shoes use one of the New Magic Eraser sponges from MR CLEAN works awesome . If they are a fabric . Tide Laundry Pen works or Goop sticky remover works great for fabric stains but may change color
Reply:Just get a basic rust remover.
Reply:If you can afford to pay for the bowling games then I don%26#039;t see why you cannot buy a new pair of shoes ? Don%26#039;t waste your time, looking for chemicals to remove the rust stains. Change new one.
Reply:Try Victoria%26#039;s Secret stain removal service
Reply:Soak them in CLR. That will take care of it.

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