Monday, April 20, 2009

What is the cost for bowling balls and bowling shoes?

My Family owns a bowling center and we have bowling balls from any where between $55.00 to about $300.00 the cheapest is Maxum made by Ebonite and the best ball to buy depends on how you bowl and throw the ball. shoes range anywhere in between $27 to $500.00

But even though you can buy a ball at a sporting goods store for not as much money it is better to buy it at the bowling canter so they can custom fit and drill it.

What is the cost for bowling balls and bowling shoes?
Anywhere from $20 on up to $300. Depends on what you%26#039;re looking for and how serious you are about bowling.
Reply:white dot and it is 69.00 and shoes are 29.99 at any bowling center
Reply:Etonic, Dexter %26amp; Brunswick make pretty cool entry level bowling shoes starting at $19.99 at K-Mart, some WalMarts and Sports Authority stores.

Ebonite, Brunswick, Columbia, AMF, among others, manufacture entry level bowling balls made out of plastic, urethane and polyester. You can check out %26quot;discount or cheap%26quot; bowling balls as keywords on any internet search, then choose %26quot;closeouts%26quot;, %26quot;clearance%26quot; and %26quot;discontinued%26quot; bowling balls on those sites. They can start out as low as $25. Hope this helps!
Reply:Anywhere from 40$ to 300$


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