Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowling shoes and balls???!?

what is the best brands for bowling balls and shoes? my coach says that brunswick (i%26#039;m using brunswick total inferno right now), has more revs than any other bowling balls, but the reaction doesn%26#039;t stay long, and storm ball has more skid (is that true?), and my bowling shoes always stuck at some lane when i%26#039;m sliding (causing the ball goes into gutter). do you have some tips?

Bowling shoes and balls???!?
All brands of bowling equipment are excellent. Most companies have cross branding (Ebonite/Columbia 300, Elite/Brunswick, Morich/Hammer, etc.....) and although have more than one brand name, are made by the same company.

My %26quot;arsenal%26quot; is as follows:

Brunswick Red Zone

Brunswick Twisted Fury

Brunswick Ultimate Inferno re-release

Elite Black Label

Elite Solar Eclipse

Elite PBA Chameleon

Columbia 300 Big Shot

Hammer Black Widow Bite

Storm Paradigm Passion

All these bowling balls react the same, although the entry angle and length downlane into the pocket can be %26quot;tweaked%26quot; by exotic drillings and altering the coverstock by polishing or sanding.

Regarding shoes, I am using Dexter SST 6%26#039;s with interchangable soles and heels and Linds Classics. Having shoes with interchangable soles and heels will help you choose which ones will fit whatever approaches you will be bowling on on any given day, so that you%26#039;ll be able to avoid slipping or sticking.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Each company has a ball that will break hard depending on how you drill it. I have thrown a number of different companies equipment and found favorites with each one. I bowled my first honor score with Hammer (Faball), my second with Ebonite and third with Track. Currently, I%26#039;m throwing Storm and Columbia equipment and seem to have good carry with both. As for shoes, I bought Linds a few years back and will replace them after I bowl Nationals in June. The Dexter%26#039;s I had before the Linds had to be replaced within a year and a half.


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