Monday, August 3, 2009

Which Candidate Will Melt Down First?

First, McCain is having a lot of old age moments. Then Hillary has some kind of Bosnian sniper implanted memory. Now Obama is shoving a size 13 bowling shoe into his mouth and bashing his voter base.

On the evidence, which candidate won't be on the ballot come November?

Which Candidate Will Melt Down First?
It's not a question of who's on the ballot.

It's who is going to go down in flames.

That's looking more and more like Obama every time he opens his mouth and isn't reading something from a teleprompter that wasn't carefully written for him.

He's a loose cannon with serious foot-in-mouth disease.

Even in this so-called "eloquent" race speech, he refused to distance himself from Rev. Wright which will come back to haunt him if he's the Democratic nominee. Rasmussen polling shows that 55% of American consider Wright as making them "less likely to vote for Obama."

His "typical white people" remarks is already a common joke among Americans.

The latest comments about "bitter" Americans in small towns in Pennsylvania and the MidWest "clinging" to their guns and bibles, racist and xenophobic sentiments, and isolationist politics out of "frustration," show an arrogance of stunning proportion.

The MELTDOWN is likely to be the Democratic party itself.

How can they tell Obama and his supporters that he can't be the nominee of the party even though he has the most pledged delegates won through the primary and caucus process?

If they nominate him, the party will go down in a landslide defeat as they did with Humphrey, Carter's re-election, McGovern, Modale, and Dukakis.

Who will say NO to Obama?
Reply:If Obama is there, McCain will win. Obama is a divider.
Reply:jees what a bunch

i spoke to someone in europe , they are having quite a laugh at our present and potential future leaders

they are all but throwing a continent wide party

euro is now currency of choice not dollar

our debt ensures a higher treasury yield if we want to increase it ( where do you think the $trillion we gave to iraq came from)

we forced to cut education and healthcare
Reply:If Clinton were to meltdown - I feel that she would have already. She has taken so much negativism already, but is still pressing on.

McCain already has the Republican nomination - so he'll stick around.

I rather feel it's Obama - the Clinton and McCain campaign will corner him with this recent statement he made.
Reply:Clinton. Bill's already had several meltdowns and he's taking her down with him.
Reply:Yes LaNeesha, I totally agree, we are strong woman, that is why we recognize other woman like us!

Let us Amazon Warrior ladies stick together and down with sexists!
Reply:clinton will not be there
Reply:Obama will mess up the worse...McCain is just the way Republican voters like 'em...and Clinton is a Amazon warrior!
Reply:Obama will melt down first. Hopefully he will bow out of the race gracefully, and go home. Then, hopefully Americans will vote smart and vote McCain.
Reply:I was hoping for Mrs, to lay another egg, but Sen Obama

did it for her,
Reply:50 bucks on Obama.
Reply:I think "melt down" is the wrong term. I'm a McCain supporter myself but let me give you my gut feeling as to what's going to happen on the Democratic side--and this is truly my objective point-of-view and has zilch to do with my being a Republican. It's the Clintons. They're dirty and so crooked that they have to screw their shoes on in the mornings. As we get closer to the conventions I believe the Hillary campaign will succeed--one way or another--in sabotaging Obama. The Clintons are masters in the art of dirty politics and they'll either dig up enough dirt on Obama--or invent it if necessary--to smear him right out of the nomination. Think about it, folks. All the so-called "experts" are saying that Hillary has lost and that she should drop out for the sake of the party. Hillary's as savvy a political animal as it gets and she sees the numbers against her. But she's fighting on despite the extremely long odds against her. Why? Because if she can't beat him by the numbers she intends to destroy him outright by any means necessary. The Clintons are experts at clawing, scraping and otherwise digging up dirt that will stick to an enemy. I don't think that Obama has a clue that the real battle with Hillary has yet to even begin.
Reply:Hillary has already melted down so badly that she is a puddle on the floor waiting to be mopped up

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