Monday, August 3, 2009

Dogs taking things outside...?

this question is sort of odd, but i have 2 beagles, and a doggie door they go in and out from. well, they keep dragging out my shoes, their food bowls even my husband boxers outside. Then, they bring in bark, twigs and rocks inside. I know they are dogs and i love them to death, and i want to get on to them, but do they know the difference between my belongs and outside objects?? they are driving me crazy!!!

Dogs taking things outside...?
I also have two beagles; this is fairly typical behavior. They drag their toys outside, along with an occasional sock they find on the floor. However, I have not experienced them bringing things back in. The few times they brought in an occasional branch, etc. from outside, I immediately took it away, opened the door, tossed it out and gave them a firm "outside!". That seems to have worked. But toys going outside still happens, however it really doesn't bother me if they play with their toys in or out of the house. Keep your shoes off the floor or in a closet with a door that closes.
Reply:I own two beagles which have thier own crates n i have a doggy door when i got first got the second beagle we would catch schatzi the younger beagle that we got first caring things out to the yard that should be inside for one her fifty doller bedding which made me really mad cuse it got muddy we would punish the dogs by telling them no and they had to stay in their crates for a day and a half they were allowed to get out n go for walks being on a leash n they had to eat n drink n bathroom on the leash it helped alot with bonding n showing perticurlly her that we were going to take care of her she only did it twice after that but each time we would spend four days punishing and then give the freedom of space but perticurlly with hunting and security dogs they need some sorce of guidlines i have gotten alot of people saying i never saw a beagle that well behaved and they are really shocked when i say the youngest one is only 6 months mainly because we have her house broken she goes to the door if were at a friends house and people are stunned by this because not a lot of beagles are house broken because ppl keep them outside alot more than inside but both are mine are inside dogs i hope i helped anymore questions about beages send me an emial
Reply:hahaha! I used to have Maltese, and a dogdoor as well. Would frustrate me to no end, as in a day or 2, they'd have no toys left in the living room, and I'd have to go hunt throughout the yard to find them all. One of my girls was the sneakiest! She'd do it right in front of me, but kinda sly, like, "I'm just going to out and take a look around, there's nothing in my mouth... you see nothing...." lol.

What I did, was watch them like a hawk for about a week, and if I caught one being sneaky, I'd tell them "No. The toy stays inside!" and they'd drop it.

As for my shoes and other personal belongings, I'd kept those up when they were pups, so they never got in the habit of trying to play with them.
Reply:Dogs are very smart just get after them a few times and they will listen to you i no what it is like my dogs bring down like bras and panties downstairs when people are here not anymore you need to let them know that you are boss they may look scared of you or stay away from you for a while but that is all normal don't worry they wont hate you forever haha! %26lt;3
Reply:They are bored perhaps and trying to get your attention...
Reply:Put your shoes in a box, thats what I do because I have cats that like to do that, but they might be able to move the boxes so put them on a higher surface, a closet or in a dresser droor.
Reply:they know darn well what inside and outside things are, i bet. they're probably being mischevious for your benefit. my boston terrier pulls his bedding outside of his crate just because he knows i'm going to put it back in again. and he runs off with my slippers because he knows i'm going to chase after him. maybe just ignore it and without a fuss remove the outside things from the house while they're not looking.
Reply:My boxer does this as well. he knows he can hide things he is not supposed to have - and he will have more time with those things if he goes outside. What I hate even more is when he brings in poo to chew on - yuck. good luck - I don't know how to make it stop either.
Reply:they are just getting things to play and chew on.. you will just have to work with them.. my retiever was like that as a pup.. but she stoped .. i would get on to her .. and wack her with a new paper sometimes.. you have to look them in the eyes and be stern when your getting on to them.. they have to learn your in charge.
Reply:maybe your things smell and they are saying your house is dull.... i mean they live there they want to have their personal touch too
Reply:Im sorry to have to break it to ya but they really dont know the difference between inside and outside. My suggestion would have to be that you just have to keep on them and dicipline them EVERY time they bring something to the wrong place. In the end I really dont see them stopping just because of the doggie door.
Reply:Okay, now I am laughing hysterically! Thanks for making my day! Other than getting them jobs as interior decorators, you may want to make sure they have no access to some of the things you described. It sure sounds like they are trying to get your attention, and I think it is working! The other option is to close the doggie door when you can't watch what they are doing. I sometimes do that with mine so I don't have to send all the stuffed toys through the laundry.
Reply:They might be wanting to trade your things for some of they but you should firmly say no to them do yell or that will make them afraid of you just firmly say no and they will know that touching your stuff is not aceptable behaviour.

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