Monday, August 3, 2009

What should I wear to this restaurant?

I am going to ( - it's known for it's wine and it's expensive. What should I wear? Would a nice pair of jeans with a blazer be ok? Or should I wear dress pants with a dress top? Or dress pants with a nice sweater?

The outfits I'm working with:

-Dark jeans with a stretchy greyish purple sleeveless top with a black short sleeved pinstripe blazer, and black bowling shoes (or high heels, but the jeans aren't long enough to cover the heel)

-Grey dress pants with silver pinstripes with a purple or light green crew neck sweater

-A purple greyish short sleeved blouse with purple/pinkish buttons and a bow that ties around the waist, with ruffles running down the front - very nice and dressy, can be worn with the jeans or dress pants

-A lot of blazers to choose from to wear with jeans, or can wear a black one w/ the dress pants

My dilemna is that it's really cold out. However, I'm not sure if jeans are acceptable at this place, or what outfits are expected. Help!

What should I wear to this restaurant?
Grey dress pants, purple sweater, black blazer. You will look FAB!
Reply:Wear the dress pants, blazer, and the top that matches best with the ones you choose. Your main goal shouldn't just be to avoid embarrassment by being dressed enough. It should be to dress so that your appearances lets people know you appreciate nice things, including good service. It also should still be comfortable enough that you aren't dying to get home and change.
Reply:Wear the dress pants with a sexy blouse. You will always fit in if you are dressed nice. It always feels better to be a little bit over dressed than under dressed. Who cares about the cold, the restraunt will be hot inside.
Reply:You can call and find out the dress code, but I would suggest scrapping the idea of jeans either way and just wear a nice pair of black dress pants with a nice button down shirt or sweater
Reply:I would go w/ the 1st or the 3rd


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