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What is in your baby's diaper bag?

Alejandro has:


Teething Tablets

A%26amp;D ointment



change of clothes



a bowl

a spoon

those blue lil bags to put dirty diapers in

a moisturizer (sp) stick


Maizena (corn starch)

His nose thing to suck up boogers

Saline Drops

Geesh!! no wonder that thing is heavy!!!!!

What is in your baby's diaper bag?
I know what you mean about a heavy diaper bag my daughter is 16 months and this is in her diaper bag:

5 diapers


1 Outfit

1 pair socks

Sippy cup filled with water



Insurance card

Hand Sanatizer

Changing pad

Biter Biscuits

Butt Paste

P.S.- I also carry a purse with me.

P.P.S-It's worse when we're on vacation!!
Reply:My daughter is 5 months old:

diapers, wipes, changing pad, tylenol, mylicon, nasal aspirator, extra pacifier in a baggy, those little blue dirty diaper bags, xtra nursing pads for me, 2 receiving blankets (used as spit up cloths), 3-4 bibs, 2-3 changes of clothes (she spits up a lot!), nail clipers, chapstick (for me), and sometimes I throw my wallet in there too so I don't have to carry my purse :) My diaper bag is OVERflowing %26amp; heavy as well!!
Reply:Diapers, wipes, A%26amp;D, ziploc bags, change of clothes.

They don't need extra shoes, saline drops, a booger sucker, corn starch (for what--if you have A%26amp;D, you don't need corn starch.). I want to know how long you go out at a time for :-). Most of this stuff he can go without until you get home.
Reply:My daughter is 5 months and I have the following:



Orajel (not that it works or anything)

Extra Pacifier

Bottles with water


Clothes-Onsie and pants




Diaper Rash Cream

Teething Toys

Reply:Leah has:



extra clothes

socks and shoes






and infants tylenol

I would recommend just bringing the basics with you, most of the time you really don't need all the extra stuff, and girl just throw the diapers in the trash.
Reply:I have botteled water reciving blankets wipes diapers a couple oufits a blanket destine powder formula lotion nose suck thing a zip up bag to put dirty diapers in it and i think thats about it
Reply:I very rarely take a diaper bag with me when I go somewhere. I just put his soother and a bottle in my purse and off we go.

But he we are going visiting then I put in diapers, wipes, cream, a bottle and his soother. If I know we are going to be gone for a long time then I add some food and maybe a change of clothes. If I do bring the diaper bag I leave my purse at home and add my wallet to the bag.

I think people go way over board when packing their diaper bags. Just take a look at how much of that stuff you don't actually use. You are already carrying a heavy baby around, why add the extra weight to a diaper bag?

Just a thought.
Reply:Why not answer:

Diapers (3)

Wipes (travel pack)



Burp Cloth

Exrta change of clothes

A few toys

Baby food


Baggies for dirty diapers
Reply:If I'm just going out for a few hours...



Sippy cup





Burp cloths

If I'm going overnight somewhere....



Sippy cup

Bottles/extra formula


Extra clothes

Lotion (son has eczema)

Bodreaux Butt Paste


ziploc bags of homemade baby food


son's favorite blankie


Burp cloths

**And I do end up using all that stuff when I'm out and about for longer than 3 hours.


recieving blanket for when I nurse

change of clothes

scented bags for dirty diapers



changing pad

2 burp clothes

Then I carry a things for myself

A bottle of water because I get very thirsty since I nurse.

My purse items so I don't have to carry a diaper bag and a purse

Digital camera

Then the older kids usually put their nintendo ds down in my bag so they can play with them in the car.
Reply:Diapers, diaper rash cream, birpy clothes, bibs, 2 extra sets of clothes, a 1st aid kit for babies, wipes, baggies for dirty clothes and dirty diapers, toys, extra blankets, an extra hat, a camera, ready to use formula and powdered formula, and baby wash and lotion. When we are going away we add the bottles filled with water.


bum cream

change of clothes

bag for diry diapers


snack container
Reply:anthony at 10 months



change of cloths

toy or two



sippy cup with water or juice

bottle if gone for a while more then 4hrs

spoon and jar of food if gone during lunch or supper
Reply:ellie (7 weeks) has



changing pad


2 onsies




kit with clippers, nose bulb, thermometer, med. dropper, id card

bag with infant tylenol, gas drops, powders, lotion, bath wash, comb, brush, diaper rash cream


2 pacifiers

2 burp cloths

%26amp; in the side pocket i have her shot record %26amp; ins. info in case something happens %26amp; we need them.

and we always just carry extra blankets
Reply:I have twins - so double some stuff / include everything in the list above, remove the formula and add - tylenol - motrin - med dropper - theromoter - fever wipes - fever depositories - snacks - all girls medical information - disposable bibs - travel size baby soap / shampoo - and what ever else I feel I might need :)

The one thing you leave out when you leave the house is the one thing you will need and not have it !
Reply:Just diapers and wipes!
Reply:Markie has (1 month old)


2 change of clothes

A blanket


Diaper rash cream


Saline drops

The boogie sucker

2 formula bottles

1 pedialyte bottle
Reply:A.J. (6 months) has:

diapers (the amount depends on how long we'll be going for)

the blue bags for dirty diapers



a change of clothes and sometimes pajamas depending on if we'll be out late



a covered bowl for baby cereal and a spoon in a ziplock bag

a bib

two burp cloths

two toys

I've learned from having my 7 year old to try not to pack so much in the diaper bag...I went through about three of them with him because they were so stuffed that the zippers would pull apart at the seam.
Reply:My son is 5 months old, I've got Diaper, wipes, formula, an extra bottle, an extra outfit, gas drops, tylenol, small bottle of shampoo, and a couple toys. Then my wallet and keys.
Reply:nail clippers, spoon, jars of fruit, bottles with milk ready, wipes, diapers, change of clothes, pacifer, changing pad, gerbers juice bottle, teething ring, few toys, and ointment for the bum.
Reply:definitely just the same with my little brother's bag when he was still an infant :)
Reply:1 or 2 clean baby bottles, bottle water, formula, diapers, plastic bag, wipes, little blanket, change of clothes and antiseptic gel for my hands. All the rest I never used.

If I only go out for an hour, I bring a full bottle in my regular bag and a bib, that's it - I've never used any of the rest during short errands.
Reply:My daughter Kelsey's diaper bag:

15 diapers

diaper wipes

2 changes of clothes


1 large freezer bag (in case I have to pack a mess up)

scented diaper throw-away bags

receiving blanket

2 granola bars (in case I'm ever out and just need food right away)

gas drops

hand wipes from hooters, lol

I always put her bottles/formula in right before we go so that I can tailor the amount she has to how long our trip will be. I always do 1-2 extra bottles than what I think she'll need in case something happens that keeps us out longer.

She's only 2 months old, so I'm sure her diaper bag will get more packed as she ages.
Reply:i think it depends on the age of your baby and where you are going and for how long you will be gone for i have twin girls 7 wks old and we have a fairly large diaper bag with

10 diapers

2 receiving blankets

2 outfits

diaper wipes

diaper rash cream

2 bottles filled with water

2 formula containers filled

bottle water in case we need more water for formula

2 bibs

2 burp rags

2 pacifiers

thats it once they get bigger we will add toys of course
Reply:Baby stuff:



Zinc Oxide cream



Spit-up cloth

Teething toy


Mom stuff:



Lip stick


hair accessories

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