Monday, August 3, 2009

Question for ladies?

When wearing bowling shoes, have you ever soaked your socks with sweat?

Question for ladies?
I have no idea
Reply:NO, yuk!◘
Reply:Yes all the time! That is why I buy my own. No bowling shoes rental girl here!

Have my own bowling ball too.
Reply:sure its ok :)
Reply:No....and I hope the gal who wore the shoes before me didn't either!
Reply:No my feet don't sweat!
Reply:no that is so gross. if that happened to you then you may have a sweating problem and need to get that checked out from the doctor.
Reply:No. I rarely bowl because I dislike it.
Reply:Sorry, I'm not a bowler.
Reply:I've never been bowling before. Oh, I get it, you're one of those foot fetish guys ...
Reply:eww no

~chocolate lover
Reply:no why..)
Reply:honey please
Reply:I dont remember ever doing so. {yuck}
Reply:cant say i have, is it even normal
Reply:not my socks....the bowling alleys socks.
Reply:ewww thats i don't believe i do.....but thanks for asking.....
Reply:no i havent
Reply:nope,I dont bowl that long.only for a couple of hours
Reply:I only bowl about twice a year. GROSS!!! who does, that makes me want to puke!!!!!
Reply:We don't ever sweat. We're ladies.
Reply:ew no my feet dont sweat that much
Reply:ummmm NO!
Reply:No they haven't,
Reply:Hmm - I can't tel you, cause I don't know. Last time I wore bowling shoes I was 12.
Reply:Never wear them.
Reply:no thats like totally gross

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