Monday, August 3, 2009

Question for people who wish to use yahoo answers to spam and "witness for Jesus"?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you I reject Jesus. And that you can use yahoo answers all you want to witness to me, I for one will ask about Godzillas bowling shoes.

I just wanted to tell you that to your faces.

Question for people who wish to use yahoo answers to spam and "witness for Jesus"?
You have my axe.
Reply:We have the right to express our opinions and beliefs here same as anyone else. We HAVE to witness. That's our job. And this is Religion and Spirituality. So, if anyone is misusing this section, it's atheists. If you want to debate science, you should go to that section. If you want to debate religion, then you and we (Christians) are in the right section.

I don't know if they have a fashion section here. Might be.
Reply:that is sad... but thanks for being straight forward and letting us know....
Reply:JD, I don't like spam any more than the next person. You won't see me posting questions like, "Are all you heathern atheistic turdballs aware that YER GOING TO HELL INNA HANDBASKET???" That's not appropriate for this forum or anywhere else, for that matter.

On the other hand, if someone attacks my faith or asks a question about what I believe, I'm going to answer it as openly and honestly as I can. And yes, I will be backing up my points with appropriate Scriptures.

You reserve the right to reject Jesus, and that's your choice. I reserve the right to defend my faith and tell others about Christ's love for them when those things are brought up here by someone else.
Reply:Thanks JD. There are many of us who, through personal choice or educated choice, have decided to reject Jesus and the Christian god altogether. One thing that Christians who "preach", not listen, and stay closed-minded, rather than respecting individuals.

But, that's okay. I studied the bible and religions for over 35 years and can quote and prove my points just as well as any proselytizer.
Reply:Yes I I wholeheartedly reject Jesus too! I'd rather die than bow down to him
Reply:And as a Christian Pastor I say that's fine.

You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that.

I don't agree with your decision, but I defend your right to make it.

Now could you show me the same courtesy??
Reply:All I can say is get over it or get use to it
Reply:Hear, hear!
Reply:ok then. mock me all you want. but all I say is that you need prayer. and I will pray that one day you relize that Jesus is real.

God bless you
Reply:I'm with you, Mayor.

To complain about spam and then to say that one uses the board for the purpose of SPAM (not to mention violation of community guidelines) is an open invitation for us to stand up and ask all the Godzilla's Monty Python bowling shoes questions we want.
Reply:Amen, preach the word against jesus, brother!!

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