Monday, August 3, 2009

Is there any sport safe for nu.dists to play?

Just one of those random things I worry about as I sit here. I mean, think about it......without protective gear on that you wear in most sports, wouldn't they run the risk of injury?

I also often wonder if nu.dists that go bowling wear bowling shoes. The image leaves a bit to be desired.

Is there any sport safe for nu.dists to play?
Football - too gay! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Hockey, skiing, skating, et al - too cold (shrinkage)...

Swimming works!

Bowling - you ALWAYS have to wear the shoes!

I know Twister isn't a sport, but...
Reply:What about the swinging body parts... Report It

Reply:A lot of track and field events would be pretty safe. The athletes in the ancient olympics competed completely nude.
Reply:I'd go with ping pong. That lightweight ball can't hurt any private parts.
Reply:Indoors or outdoors?!.

How about playing a game called Paddleball (lol, yea go ahead...I'll wait... ) Anyway, as I was saying, a nud!st could sustain injury when two team mates run INTO each other on the court, while going after the same ball ( go ahead, I'll wait again) a tennis like ball..... SO, these 2 players collide, one falls forward scrapes up a hand %26amp; knee while damaging a paddle. The other rolls her ankle (since she hasn't played in 5 months the muscles were a bit weak), lands on her @ss, and SLIDES on the court... Can anyone say "court burn".... So, obvioulsy if she had been wearing shorts, the "burn" ( Oh, I can hear Bob_the_butthead in the distance) would not have occurred..

Nothing as humorous as watching a nud!st sit on a bag of ice...

Oh yea, someone else almost got a black eye, but that would have happenned even if she had been clothed, so that doesn't count...

Maybe they should be called Nekkid Gladiators... ;)
Reply:The ancient Greeks conducted their(and the original) version of the Olympics completely naked. I would imagine most sports could be conducted in the nude with minor variation if even that. Tho, consider winter with the dangers of frostbite and other cold weather injuries...I would think most of them are out.
Reply:I think horseshoes would be safe,or swimming,golf would be a good sport to play naked.


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