Monday, August 3, 2009

Clothes for a first date?

I have a friend who wears strange clothes, so on a first date (the other day) he wore Bowling shoes and a Boating Blazer, so i'd just like to ask the masses their opinion on this.

Is it a good idea?

Wear one without the other?

Or just go get a dress sence?

Clothes for a first date?
This sounds like this reflects this person's personality. People should be themselves, therefore, I say he should dress the way he wants.

I like a person who is not afraid to be different.
Reply:Was he going bowling and boating?

If not then he would have been better to have worn neither.
Reply:erm wow i'd be a bit freaked if someone wore that a nice plain cotton tee and dark jeans will be fine
Reply:Just let him worry bout himself and be himself
Reply:Is your date a boy?!

Go in leather if your gay :)
Reply:As long as he was comfortable in those clothes then it's fine,

Does he normally wear stuff like this?

Me personally: Not sure about the shoes but I love to see guys in a blazer jacket, blue jeans and pure white trainers!
Reply:Hmm....definately needs to get a dress sense!

If I went out on a date and he turned up wearing bowling shoes and wearing a boating blazer, Id walk the other way!! lol

Tell him to just wear jeans and a shirt if he aint sure!lol
Reply:Depends on the guy and his personal style.

Obviously, if this is how this guy is and the girl agreed to a date she must think his style works for him...

I say, wear whatever makes you happy...
Reply:Unless they were going either bowling or boating, this is a definete no-no. What did he expect the girl to think? (and if he didn't care, then he shouldn't have gone out with her). A first date is not an opportunity to show off how quirky and eccentric your dress sense is (usually to cover a total lack of personality) and it shows incredible arrogance from your friend if he thinks it is - his date was probably mortified. Show some respect for others and put a decent shirt on.
Reply:hey each and every one to their own i say if he feels comfortable then thats what he should wear
Reply:It would depend on whether he dressed like that when he had seen the girl before. I remember once going on a date with someone and they turned up in a paisley shirt, and espadrilles with socks on. Date lasted about half an hour and i never saw him again.
Reply:Personally I would never wear that but people should like you for who you are so he shouldn't change his dress sense.
Reply:first of all, THE FIRST DATE GIVES THE FIRST IMPRESSION and FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST. if you dress like a twerp in the first date, chances are there wont be a 2nd one.

The best way to dress is to dress casually or even formally(not that formal but...). this is to give the girl the impression that YOU ARE A RESPECTABLE GENTLEMAN. dont wear weird clothing as the girl may interpret you as a weirdo and if shes sees you(before you see her) she might run off and never arrive.

again, try wearing casual clothes. i myself wear polo shirts and brown pants to show(or to make an impression) that im smart.

again, dress normal XD
Reply:I think it depends on the guy and if he has the pesonality to pull it off. One of my friends is a bit like that, but he always looks great bless him.

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