Monday, August 3, 2009

Ex Girlfriend with low self esteem?

I was told that my ex girlfriend has really low self esteem and she always craves attention and is really competetive. Like when she goes out to the bars she has to get wasted and always has to do something like an attention getter like steal bowling shoes or something like that. A previous relationship she was in lasted almost two years and she told me how unhealthy it was because they argued all the time. Could it be possible that she dumped me because I am not competitetive, do not crave attention, and never really argued with her? There was never any drama with me, things just went really smooth.

Ex Girlfriend with low self esteem?
I think it would be best if you'll just take a break for a while. Tell her how you feel! You may also share your experience in PrivateDateFinder. It's a good site with a bunch of decent people who can help you solve your problem. So if you're interested, you may browse this site

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Reply:I have been where she is..The problem is her, not you! She needs help!!! You did not say this, but i am going to guess that she has had many sexual partners as well. I did. She sounds just like me.

I got married when I was 17, but until I met my husband, I never really had a lasting realationship. I would party alot, get really drunk and go home with whatever guy was giving me the most attention, even though I knew that when I got up the next morning he wasn't going to have anything to do with me. I never really had a lot of girl friends either. I love to fight and argue, and I guess every guy that I dated, I thought that I was in love with them. but after the newness wore off and then I would nit pick and start fights about anything and everything. when I met my husband he worked out of state so we did see each other much and after a couple of months we decided to move in with each other. About a week after that I found out I was pregnant. he was only home about 12 of a month, and things were pretty good. We got married just 9 months after we met. After about 2 years of us being together he got a job working locally for my Father. that is when our problems started, and by this time I had had another child. about 9 months ago I found out that he had been cheating on me. I blame myself because I bytch and complain about everything. My low selfesteem and need for attention finially ruin my life. My husband and I are still together, but I made him so unhappy that he went to another women to make him happy.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with you, You sound like a great guy. Stick around she may realize that you are the one for her, it may take her some time. When I look back now that I realize that I have this problem, I am kicking myself in the azz for treating all of the really great guys that tried to be with me so bad.

Hang in there sweetie, try to get her some help before it is too late and she gets hurt.
Reply:Sounds like she has far more serious problems than low self esteem. It's best that you just move forward with your life and let her continue on her way.
Reply:I don't think it's love but a mere infatuation. Just forget about her and move on with your life. You still can meet other girls! I know this site for SinglesNet Dating You'll have a better chance for a relationship once you find your compatible mate. Good luck!
Reply:maybe you just weren't giving her enough attention to satisfy her

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